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Types of Asphalt Damage in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach  ,

Types of Asphalt Damage in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach 

worker installing concrete

It’s important to correctly identify types of asphalt damage and their causes in order to do a proper repair and prevent future damage to your commercial property.  US Pave provides professional damage analysis and repair for all your asphalt needs throughout Florida. You may encounter these different types of damage to your asphalt surfaces: Traffic-Related Asphalt… Continue Reading

Asphalt Repair is an Emergency You Should Not Ignore

car driving on asphalt road with potholes filled with rainwater

There are several factors that can damage an asphalt parking lot or garage. Vehicles constantly driving over the surface will wear asphalt down. Other issues include water intrusion, oxidization and hot weather. Areas of an asphalt surface can go from looking stable to pot holes forming without warning. Once this happens, your parking lot or… Continue Reading

Is Your Business Paving Ready for the Return of Customers?

well-maintained parking lot with good quality asphalt and line striping

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many businesses in doubt and unable to accurately forecast how or when customer traffic will return to normal. It is obviously best that your business is prepared, regardless, so some improvements to your property are a good idea. A good place to start is the exterior of your premises, given… Continue Reading

The Hidden Costs of Neglecting Paving Maintenance

worker installing concrete

Paving is an essential feature for many businesses. Those areas are the gateway to your products and services. When you are running a customer-facing operation, getting customers in the door is essential. While paving is in a pristine condition, it is a delight for shoppers. It indicates organization and class. However, there is another issue… Continue Reading

When Concrete Paving Fails the Test of Time

Asphalt Road at Sunset

For a business, paying for concrete paving installation is a significant investment that doesn’t have a calculable ROI. With new concrete paving that is aesthetically pleasing and practical, a business may draw more customers. However, if the installation quickly begins to degrade, there are no benefits and potential problems in the future. Poorly Installed Concrete… Continue Reading

Damaged Paving is a Health and Safety Hazard

Paving from wooden square bloated and damaged

Damaged paving is not just an aesthetic problem. Even small cracks can end up leading to accidents on your premises. The most common type of accident due to damaged paving is a trip and fall. There is the potential for customers or visitors suffering serious injuries, especially on concrete or brick paving. Paving Hazards Paving… Continue Reading

Is it Time to Reassess Your Commercial Paving Needs?

Hard Rock Stadium Super Bowl LIV Parking Lot Prep

As a business, it is hard to know which provisions and features will work best for your business and premises. Research can help business owners make the right choices, but it’s not a guarantee of success. Paving and parking lots are an area where maintenance and suitability make an important impression on business growth and… Continue Reading

First Impressions Start in the Parking Lot

aerial view of a hotel parking lot

As we all know, first impressions are extremely important. This is especially true when it comes to a customer doing business at an establishment. The conditions of the parking lot can be a big reason some first-time customers decide to never return and do business with your South Florida company again. Because first impressions matter,… Continue Reading

What Constitutes Emergency Asphalt Repair?

worker providing asphalt repair service

What constitutes emergency asphalt repair? This is a question that we get at U.S. Pave almost every day. The thing is, in our view, every asphalt repair need is a potential emergency. While a small amount of damage may not seem like much, it’s what happens after that is important. Water Seepage When an asphalt… Continue Reading

New Year – New Asphalt Parking Lot in South Florida

manicured parking lot

Why not start the New Year by greeting your customers, clients or visitors with a warm welcome? If your asphalt parking lot seems like a lost cause, it’s time to consider working either extensive repairs or replacement into the yearly budget. This is the first physical area of your business that visitors encounter, so making… Continue Reading

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