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A.D.A. Compliance Upgrades Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A.D.A. Compliance Upgrades

A.D.A. Parking Lot Compliance Upgrades

Providing accessible parking spaces is invaluable for many reasons. It prevents discrimination against people with disabilities and promotes inclusivity and respect. Improving accessibility for everyone ensures that you meet legal requirements while also increasing traffic to your business. Read on to learn more about making your parking lot compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and what this means for your business.

Understanding ADA Compliance

The ADA is a set of rules that applies to local and state governments requiring improved public accommodations for people with disabilities. In 2010, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) updated the ADA to improve accessibility, such as through ADA-compliant parking lots. An ADA-compliant parking lot means that it adheres to the minimum accessibility requirements for its business, property, and facilities. Accessible parking laws vary by state, but business owners have a legal duty to meet certain requirements in their parking lots, as we discuss below.

Accessible Parking Spaces

The ADA requires accessible parking spaces that conform to specific parameters, such as being optimally located near the shortest route to an accessible entrance. These spaces must be provided for cars and vans with clearly marked signs featuring the international symbol of accessibility. All accessible parking spaces must have an access aisle, which is a designated area for people who use wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility devices to get in and out of their vehicles. 

Depending on the size of your parking lot, the ADA requires a set number of accessible parking spaces, from a minimum of one to a percentage of available spaces. For instance, a parking lot with 25 spaces must have at least one accessible parking space. But if you only have four available spaces, one of the spots must be van-accessible with an access aisle on the side. The ADA also requires your lot to be well maintained, free of debris and litter, and in good repair to improve accessibility.

Ramp and Walkway Requirements

Part of the DOJ’s update for the ADA included ramp and walkway requirements to ensure that facilities and parking lots are ADA-compliant. For example, walkways with a 1.5-inch change in level must be treated as a ramp and include a beveled slope to provide a smooth surface for better accessibility. If your walkway has a ramp run, the width must be a minimum of 36 inches wide.

Curb ramps must offer an accessible route from the parking lot to the walkway. Depending on the ramp type, it should feature running slopes, cross slopes, side flares, and a top landing. These ADA enhancements give people using mobility devices a smoother transition from the street and easier accessibility to your business.

Why ADA Compliance Matters

The benefits of ADA compliance extend beyond meeting legal regulations, allowing you to promote inclusivity, equality, and respect for people with disabilities. Instead of turning away disabled customers and losing their business, welcome them into your business by providing accessible parking spaces, ramps, and walkways. The ADA exists to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities, so having an ADA-compliant parking lot shows that equality and inclusivity matter to your business. Ensuring that your parking area meets these standards can help boost your business’s reputation and promote safety for all your customers.

Unfortunately, there are consequences for failing to comply with ADA requirements. The ADA stipulates that businesses can face enforcement action by the Justice Department for failing to meet legal requirements, with civil penalties above $90,000 for the first violation and over $180,000 for each subsequent violation. You also risk legal action by individuals for failing to comply, with potentially hefty penalties that include the claimant’s attorney fees.

Avoid the financial drawbacks of noncompliance and update your parking lot to meet customers’ needs. Doing so helps ease your customers’ stress when looking for designated parking spaces, allowing them to avoid obstacles and stay safe from injury.

The U.S. Pave Advantage

Are you looking to make your parking lot ADA-compliant but need help figuring out where to start? Hire a trusted partner in achieving ADA compliance, such as U.S. Pave. We offer expert paving services nationwide and use innovative technologies, tools, and high-quality materials to ensure satisfaction. Our professional paving team can issue a parking lot assessment, address any issues, design a good-looking parking lot, and provide necessary construction. 

With our commitment to quality and knowledge of striping and signs, you can rely on U.S. Pave to help you make your parking lot ADA-compliant. We’ll ensure that your parking lot has a smooth surface with clear signage and vibrant paint to guide your customers where you want them to go. Our paving services include asphalt, concrete work, and parking lot repair. With our experience and expertise, we save you money and time with quality paving that boosts your business.

Compliance Process

You’ll first need an assessment to ensure that your parking area is ADA-compliant. There’s a minimum requirement for accessible parking spaces, which must be striped appropriately. For example, each car parking space must be at least 96 inches wide with an access aisle the same length as the space. Van-accessible parking spaces require a minimum width of 132 inches. A car- and van-accessible parking space may share the same access aisle as long as there’s an accessible route connecting it to your building. 

Our professional paving team can assist you with restriping your parking lot to meet these requirements. You can count on U.S. Pave for all your parking lot needs. Once restriped, consult us regarding the appropriate signage required to meet ADA compliance. Your parking lot is complete once access ramps and accessible walkways meet ADA standards. We also offer concrete sidewalk and curb construction services, so there’s no need to involve another company to get the job done.

Meet ADA Compliance Requirements With U.S. Pave

ADA-compliant parking lots in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Tampa meet the minimum requirements for accessible parking spaces, access aisles, ramp height, and smooth walkways to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities. Having an ADA-compliant parking lot can boost your business’s reputation by showing you value inclusivity and equality for everyone. Does your parking lot meet ADA standards? Or does it need some important upgrades? Contact U.S. Pave for a free estimate online or to schedule a consultation today.

For more information on the complete list of ADA guidelines, visit the ADA website.

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