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car driving on asphalt road with potholes filled with rainwater

Pothole Repair

Pothole Repair

A pothole is a depression in pavement that appears when the asphalt can no longer support the vehicles that travel over it. Potholes often result from melted snow or rain seeping through cracks, making the asphalt base softer and expanding the crevices. And when cars drive over this weakened pavement, it collapses. Potholes got their name from 15th-century pottery makers who got the clay they needed for their pots from ruts in dirt roads. The holes they left behind looked a lot like the depressions that people call potholes today.

Potholes often lead to flat tires, accidents, and other vehicle damage. They make navigating roadways or parking lots difficult and make your business look less professional and welcoming. Your company could also be liable for damage or injuries caused by potholes in your parking lot. According to AAA, damage from potholes cost drivers $26.5 billion in 2021 alone. So keep reading to learn more about the pothole repair services available through U.S. Pave.

Potholes can be a source of frustration as well as a valid safety concern for drivers. If you have asphalt surfaces on roadways, parking lots, or sidewalks that are plagued by disruptive potholes, choose U.S. Pave for top-quality asphalt services. Our paving contractors carry years of experience in the industry and we know exactly what it takes to provide a seamless restoration for your asphalt damage. Regardless of the size or number of your potholes, we will tailor a cost-effective solution to ensure your asphalt is fixed quickly and safely.

Most potholes are caused by improper drainage or lack of base material. Potholes can develop when water seeps into pavement through unsealed or improperly sealed cracks. When this water freezes, it expands the crack. When the ice melts, however, a void is left that causes the surrounding pavement to fall in and an unsightly and dangerous pothole to form. In many cases, fixing a pothole includes cutting it out and replacing it with new hot-mix asphalt. At U.S. Pave, we will carefully determine the underlying cause of your potholes to ensure we give you a lasting repair solution. There are a variety of ways to patch or repair a pothole, and we can present the option that best suits your needs and budget.

Pothole Repair Methods

Our professional team at U.S. Pave can help your business repair potholes for a fair price. We can also help with paving new parking lots and other areas. Remember that asphalt is ideal for noise reduction and is more affordable than concrete. You can choose from various pothole repair methods, and we can help you decide which option is best. Here are some of the techniques available:

Cold Patch

Cold patch, or throw-and-roll asphalt, is a quick, temporary repair. Patching material goes into the pothole and then gets compacted where possible. Cold patch asphalt is available at many hardware stores, and you can even make this repair yourself. And while it keeps pavement safe to drive on until you can schedule a more involved repair, it’s not entirely waterproof.

Hot Mix

Hot mix, also called asphalt milling, hot patch, or hot asphalt filler, contains sand, asphalt, cement, gravel, and stone. Before using it, our U.S. Pave team will heat the hot mix to over 300 F before pouring it into potholes or cracks. The team then uses compaction machinery to smooth it and an infrared heater to dry it faster. Hot mix is waterproof after drying, so potholes rarely reappear.

For proper asphalt drying, the ground should be more than 40 F, and people should avoid driving on the patch for 24 hours. This also means that spring and summer are the best times to apply it. The benefits of hot mix include its ability to withstand heat and cold well, and its dark color helps it absorb heat and melt snow and ice faster.

Warm Mix

Warm mix has the same materials as hot mix asphalt but contains binders and additives to make a cooler installation possible. It has several advantages, including not producing as many fumes or unpleasant smells as the hot mix, it doesn’t need as much energy for manufacturing or installation, and you can use it in colder temperatures.

Remember that having a professional apply the warm mix is always your best option. After it dries, a second layer around the edges, called an edge seal, helps keep the asphalt even. People can even drive over it immediately if the installer adds a layer of sand to prevent tracks in the asphalt.

Overlay Resurfacing

This method involves adding a layer of asphalt to an existing surface. Overlay resurfacing also works best when the lower layers of material are in good condition, without cracks. But removing the base and replacing both layers could be more cost-effective if the ground isn’t completely flat or the pothole is large or deep. This way, you can also have a drain installed underneath the pavement to carry water away and prevent future damage. With only resurfacing, potholes could reappear in some circumstances.

Pavement Maintenance

You can save money on repairs by keeping potholes from forming and repairing any damage immediately before it becomes more costly. So first, make a habit of walking around your company’s parking lot every few months and after heavy rains. And if you notice cracks or depressions, have them repaired before they become potholes.

Keeping up with repairs means that your parking lot won’t be difficult or hazardous to use because of potholes. If your lot needs repairs, you can keep most of your parking lot open and avoid disrupting business. Maintaining parking lots and other kinds of pavement can also help your business attract more customers and increase sales.

Next, keep your pavement clean to help it stay in good condition. Remove rocks, debris, and fluids, such as engine oil, which cause stains or corrosion. Lastly, it’s also a good idea to monitor the weights of vehicles. Large trucks can be much heavier than cars, and if you let one sit in the same parking spot for too long, it causes damage, including potholes. Instead, rotate the section of your business’s parking lot designated for big vehicles to keep the wear even and minimize potholes.

Emergency Repairs

A large pothole can make part of a parking lot or road unsafe. And if it’s keeping customers from visiting your business, you may need an emergency repair. In most situations, U.S. Pave can send someone to help you with an emergency repair within 24 hours. If people can safely go around a pothole, you can choose a more involved repair that lasts longer. Repairs that aren’t emergencies usually involve less traffic, so they’re also safer for workers.

Potholes Only Get Worse So Call Today!

When it comes to pothole repairs, time is of the essence. They only get worse over time as the cracks expand and larger areas of pavement collapse in. For your convenience, U.S. Pave will repair your pothole(s) within 24-hours of receiving a request!

U.S. Pave Provides Quality Pothole Repairs in South Florida

U.S. Pave can help you keep your asphalt in excellent shape for years with our expertise as one of the leading asphalt maintenance, repair, and paving companies in the United States. We use various environmentally friendly, sustainable techniques and have locations in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tampa, and the Florida Keys. Our team can repair your sidewalks, curbs, and root damage. Other services we provide include restriping, sign installation or replacement, and seal coating for asphalt. You can contact us online or call 954-504-9423 for a free quote.

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