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Asphalt Milling vs. Resurfacing Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Asphalt Milling vs. Resurfacing

Asphalt Milling vs. Resurfacing

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Asphalt milling and resurfacing are both essential parts of pavement maintenance. You can opt to both mill and resurface the lot or simply resurface it without milling. In some cases, neither approach is adequate, and you’ll instead have to repave the entire area. Choosing the right method will ensure that you get optimal longevity and cost-effectiveness from your project.

There are many things to consider when you’re addressing pavement concerns. From the timeline for the work to the environmental impact of your job, you need to evaluate all aspects of the project. We at U.S. Pave, serving clients in the Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, and Tampa areas of Florida, have compiled a short guide on what you need to know about asphalt milling and resurfacing, so you can take the appropriate approach to your next job.

Introduction to Asphalt Milling and Resurfacing

Asphalt milling is the process of grinding away the top layer or two of an asphalt surface, such as a parking lot. This is typically done with a cold planer that drives spikes into the asphalt to rip it apart. The asphalt millings are then captured, removed from the area, and repurposed elsewhere, for example as an aggregate in gravel or concrete. In some cases, these millings are even incorporated into new asphalt, making this an economical and environmentally friendly approach to upgrading your parking lot.

Resurfacing is the process of laying a new layer of asphalt over a prepared surface. Milling is one way that you can prepare an area for resurfacing. In some cases, you can also choose to resurface a parking lot without milling it. This simply adds a new layer of asphalt on top of the existing one, raising the total level of the parking lot and covering up cracks and other damage.

Advantages of Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling gives you the opportunity to go deeper into the parking lot to remedy issues that are lurking beneath the surface of the pavement. If you’re struggling with poor drainage, milling allows you to remove the damaged upper layers of asphalt and address the poor drainage at the source. Once you’ve installed better drainage in the asphalt, you can proceed with resurfacing to give the lot a fresh new look and feel.

Milling also allows you to address the form and flatness of the parking lot. You can remedy issues such as ruts, bumps, and other irregularities. If the parking lot has grown too tall as a result of repeated resurfacing projects, milling will allow you to remove some of that added height and restore the lot to a more reasonable level.

Some milling machines can cover as much as 75 feet a minute or 15,000 square yards per day, meaning you’ll get very fast results. Compared to pulverizing the entirety of the pavement, milling is a far more cost-effective option for restoring the strength, form, safety, and appearance of your parking lot.

Advantages of Resurfacing

As previously mentioned, asphalt resurfacing is typically used in conjunction with asphalt milling. Once you’ve milled the surface to remove the top layer or two, you’ll resurface the lot to give it a fresh coat of new asphalt.

Whether you previously milled the lot or not, you’ll need to prepare the area by thoroughly cleaning it before you can resurface your asphalt. The process of resurfacing involves pouring and rolling a new layer of asphalt. Most lots require several layers of asphalt. The depth of the milling, the height of the lot, and the nature of the project will determine how many passes it takes to resurface the parking lot.

In some cases, you may have your lot resurfaced without fully milling the area first. This is more likely to be a one-layer asphalt application over your existing pavement. This type of resurfacing is a quick alternative to completely milling and repaving the lot. The fresh surface helps smooth over the lot and gives your parking area a fresh, clean appearance. Once you’ve resurfaced the area, you can proceed to paint new lines, place fresh curbs, and otherwise refresh the parking lot.

The Benefits of Milling and Resurfacing Together

Milling and resurfacing are an effective way to update your parking lot without the time and expense of repaving. Milling and resurfacing offer a wealth of benefits including:

  • Minimal noise and disruption.
  • Quick completion time.
  • Cost-effective alternative to repaving.
  • Longer life span for your parking lot.

When the millings are reused for your resurfacing project, you minimize your carbon footprint. Plus, the reused material actually performs better than new asphalt. When a lot incorporates reused millings, it grows harder and stronger over time. This type of lot requires less maintenance, as it doesn’t need to be repaired or seal-coated as often.

When To Mill and Resurface Your Pavement

Asphalt milling is appropriate when the surface layers of the asphalt are deteriorating. You may see problematic signs such as:

  • Surface cracks.
  • Alligator cracks.
  • Waving patterns across the asphalt.
  • Raveling of the asphalt, where rocks and debris get kicked up.
  • Drainage problems.

Milling and resurfacing are only appropriate when the lot is in decent condition. If the parking lot has suffered extreme damage and deterioration, you need to pulverize the asphalt to remove it completely. The area will then require an entirely new application of asphalt. You should consider repaving the lot entirely if:

  • More than 30% of the total lot needs repairs.
  • The parking lot has cracks that are more than a quarter-inch wide and several inches deep.
  • The foundation is no longer sound.
  • The parking lot is more than 20 years old.

Working With the Right Company for Asphalt Milling and Resurfacing

Asphalt milling and resurfacing projects require a professional touch. If your parking lot needs repairs and resurfacing, it’s important to turn to experienced professionals who can complete the job quickly and efficiently. Contact our team at U.S. Pave for a thorough evaluation and estimate on your asphalt project. We’ll let you know which approach is best suited to your needs and get your parking lot on the calendar as quickly as possible.

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