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Is Asphalt Cheaper than Concrete? Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Is Asphalt Cheaper than Concrete?

white house with an asphalt driveway

Choosing the right material for paving roads, driveways, and parking lots involves considering various factors, including cost. Asphalt and concrete are two common options, each with its own advantages and costs. The question of whether asphalt is cheaper than concrete is complex and depends on several key factors that impact initial and long-term expenses. Let’s… Continue Reading

What are the Standard Parking Space Dimensions?

empty asphalt parking lot spaces in fog

Designing a parking lot requires attention to details such as directionality and dimensions. Standard parking space dimensions may vary by location, with different requirements for each city, state, or locale. Always check your local codes before designing a new lot. Where specific rules are not in place, you can use the following guidelines to help… Continue Reading

How Long Does Sealcoating Extend the Life of Driveways?

black asphalt driveway that was recently sealcoated

Experts recommend sealcoating your driveway as part of your regular maintenance routine. After sealcoating you’ll notice that your gray, dull driveways look much more appealing, but applying sealer doesn’t just increase your business’s curb appeal. It also extends the lifespan of your driveways. The Power of Sealcoating When you follow a proven maintenance schedule, sealcoating… Continue Reading

How to Stripe a Parking Lot

a striped parking lot done by U.S. Pave

Properly striped parking lots are crucial not just for aesthetics but also for safety and efficiency. The right striping ensures smooth traffic flow and maximizes space, while also adhering to safety standards. This guide aims to equip facility managers and maintenance professionals with the knowledge to stripe a parking lot effectively. Preparing for Striping Before… Continue Reading

The Complete Process for Asphalt Pavement Installation

black and yellow road roller paving a new asphalt road.

Asphalt installation may look straightforward, but this complex process requires the right aggregate size, asphalt temperature, rolling techniques, and more for safe, stable results. If you don’t install asphalt properly, it can suffer from premature damage, creating a hazardous environment for vehicles and pedestrians. Proper asphalt pavement installation ensures optimal durability, longevity, and aesthetics. Preparation… Continue Reading

Asphalt Milling vs. Resurfacing

black asphalt pavement with a white striped line

Asphalt milling and resurfacing are both essential parts of pavement maintenance. You can opt to both mill and resurface the lot or simply resurface it without milling. In some cases, neither approach is adequate, and you’ll instead have to repave the entire area. Choosing the right method will ensure that you get optimal longevity and… Continue Reading

Is Asphalt or Concrete Better in Florida

large beige houses with three car garage and large wet concrete driveway under a blue sky

When it comes to choosing the right material for your pavement or driveway in Florida, the decision between asphalt and concrete can be quite perplexing. Both materials have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on various factors such as curing, durability, cost, maintenance, safety, and appearance. Let’s delve into each… Continue Reading

How to Fix Alligator Cracking in Asphalt

alligator cracking on an asphalt road in a forested area.

Alligator cracking is a significant hazard that can compromise the safety and functionality of your parking lot. This type of cracking indicates a deteriorating problem under the surface that will only get worse with time. Alligator cracks are a trip hazard for anyone walking through the parking lot or attempting to cross the street. Eventually,… Continue Reading

How Long Does Cold Patch Asphalt Last

empty parking lot at night with lots of cracks and potholes.

Cracks and potholes create a serious hazard on roads and walking surfaces. A hot-mix asphalt patch is the best solution, but this is costly, complex, and time-consuming. If you can’t invest in a hot-mix patch, you can still fix your asphalt with a faster, cheaper solution known as cold-patch asphalt. Introduction to Cold-Patch Asphalt Cold-patch… Continue Reading

Can You Put Asphalt Over Concrete?

asphalt being laid over concrete

When considering paving options, a common question arises: Can you put asphalt over concrete? The short answer is yes, but it’s crucial to understand the intricacies and potential challenges of this process to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the asphalt pavement. Understanding the Foundation Concrete serves as a stable and strong base for asphalt…. Continue Reading

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