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What are the Benefits of Recycled Asphalt? Fort Lauderdale, Florida


What are the Benefits of Recycled Asphalt?

This photo shows a milling machine removing asphalt from existing I-85 to prepare for the grading necessary to build the new lanes of I-85. The asphalt is being recycled at an asphalt plant and reused in new asphalt mix.

Recycling asphalt involves removing it from its original location and converting it on-site or at a plant for further preparation. This process has several benefits, including environmental preservation, enhanced durability of the top layer, and cost reduction. By using recycled asphalt in construction projects, you can take advantage of its infinite recyclability and qualify for… Continue Reading

Best Hiking Trails in Orlando, FL

lake eola hiking trail in orlando, fl

Orlando, FL, renowned for its world-famous theme parks, has a lesser-known side that beckons to adventurers and nature lovers alike. Beyond the thrill of roller coasters and magical kingdoms, Orlando’s landscape is dotted with hiking trails that offer a refreshing escape into nature. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just looking for a leisurely stroll,… Continue Reading

What Causes Puddles to Form in Parking Lots?

a big puddle flooding a parking lot

As kids, we loved splashing in puddles, watching the waves that appeared with endless fascination. Adults don’t find puddles as fun and carefree. At best, they’re annoying; at worst, they conceal hazards. Puddles in parking lots can signal big problems. They may result from errors in engineering and cover up dangerous conditions, such as potholes. What causes… Continue Reading

How Long Does Asphalt Take to Dry

asphalt paving a road

An important consideration when paving is how long it takes for the asphalt to dry. This affects the quality of the pavement, the cost of the project, and the time of completion. To help you learn more about this process, our team at U.S. Pave has put together a short but informative guide. Importance of… Continue Reading

Best Outdoor Activities in West Palm Beach, FL

Aerial view of doc and island during daytime

The weather in West Palm Beach, Florida, is beautiful year-round, making it ideal for outdoor activities. From parks and gardens to zoos and beaches, visitors and locals of all ages can find things to do outside in and around the area. You have many options if you want to take in the local scenery or… Continue Reading

Should I Put an EV Charging Station in My Parking Lot?

Close-up of an electric car charging station with a car plugged in

As electric vehicles (EVs) become increasingly popular, so does the demand for conveniently located places for drivers to recharge. Commercial property owners and parking lot operators nationwide are capitalizing on this trend by installing EV charging stations. So, if you’ve been wondering if you should put an EV charging station in your parking lot, stick… Continue Reading

What Is the Best Asphalt for Potholes?

pothole filled with water on asphalt

Heavy spring rains can often create potholes in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, West Palm Beach, and many other areas in Florida. A pothole in your business’s parking lot can make it look less inviting to customers, and it can damage cars that visit. To prevent these problems, make sure you get any potholes repaired as soon… Continue Reading

5 Ways To Spend Father’s Day in Fort Lauderdale

a funny sign to give someone for father's day

Father’s Day is a unique opportunity to celebrate and express gratitude for the significant father figures who have impacted our lives. If you’re looking for something marvelous to do with your dad in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, then you’re in luck. Whether you prefer a delicious brunch, a sunset cruise, a round of golf, or a… Continue Reading

How to Repair Commercial Concrete Damage

paver repairing concrete on a commercial bridge

When it comes to maintaining a commercial property, one of the most critical aspects is to ensure the integrity and safety of the concrete structures. Over time, concrete can sustain damage from various factors, such as weather conditions, heavy traffic, and settling. Repairing commercial concrete damage is an essential process that requires professional help and… Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Parking Lot Maintenance

empty parking lot at night with street lights

Proper parking lot maintenance is essential for any type of lot. Whether you’re operating a paid parking lot where managing traffic is your primary job or you simply have a free lot to care for in front of a commercial building, you can’t afford to ignore the needs of your lot. When a parking lot… Continue Reading

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