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E.V. Charging Station Installation Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Orlando EV Charging Station Installation

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity, especially in large cities like Orlando. Providing E.V. charging stations for your employees and clients is a forward-thinking amenity that can elevate your brand reputation and position you ahead of your competitors. As more and more consumers choose electric vehicles, you will be ahead of the curve in providing a convenient means for charging their vehicle while visiting your business.

Apartment complexes can also add significantly to their appeal with E.V. charging stations for tenants and guests. As this technology grows and becomes more mainstream, the demand for E.V. charging stations will only increase. Now is the time to get in on the ground floor with a professional E.V. charging station installation from U.S. Pave. We can even help you with a home E.V. charging station installation.

Our teams at U.S. Pave Orlando can recommend locations, types of charging systems and more and handle the design and installation on your property quickly and efficiently. Plus, we can add the proper parking lot striping and signage for your application to help consumers locate this extra amenity you have chosen to provide.

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What Do E.V. Charging Stations Cost?

The average cost to install an E.V. charging station relies on many factors. The range can be anywhere from $6,000 to $13,000. Your cost depends on the quality (or speed) of the charger you install and your location parameters. Location may impact the electrical infrastructure available to which your charger will be connected. A multi-unit installation might save money over a single unit.

You should consider the primary user of the charger you install. If your primary client is charging their electric vehicle overnight, such as at a hotel or apartment complex, you can get by with a slower charger that may cost less. A higher-level charger will be required if your clients stop for only a short time, such as for a restaurant or retail business. Most commercial businesses are best suited with a Level II charger that provides about 40 miles of travel time for each hour of charge. Faster charging units significantly raise the purchase and installation price.

The state of Florida and some local governments across the state offer some incentives for purchasing and installing electric vehicle infrastructure, including some residential installations for personal use. There are also federal incentives that can offset a huge portion of your investment, in the form of tax credits that can reach $30,000 to help businesses install E.V. charging stations. The federal tax credit is currently available through 2021, but it may be extended based on demand or popularity.

Auburndale Tesla Charging Stations

You should also consider any local guidelines and regulations that may apply. U.S. Pave Orlando can help you throughout the installation process and provide you a thorough estimate based on your unique site. By evaluating your Auburndale lot size, current electrical capabilities, type of industry and forecasted usage demand, U.S. Pave can ensure that your E.V. charging station meets the demand for its usage.

E.V. charger installation is a significant investment into your business and your clientele. We work with each client individually to help them find a solution that meets the predicted demand while fitting it into their budget. In many cases, the incentives may completely offset the cost of equipment or installation. Be sure to ask a U.S. Pave Orlando team member about these incentive programs.

Now is the time to jump ahead of the competition in your industry around Orlando, and install an E.V. charging station for those environmentally conscious, forward-thinking clients. They will appreciate your contribution to conservation and technology. Contact U.S. Pave Orlando today to discuss your E.V. charging station installation.

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