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Parking Lot Sealcoating Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Lynchburg Parking Lot Sealcoating

U.S. Pave is a nationwide paving company with branches across the nation. Lynchburg in Campbell County is one of those branches that provides sealcoating for parking lots. One of the questions we often get is, “How often should I apply sealcoating on my asphalt?” Although a safe answer is every two years, it might not fit your parking lot, driveway or roadway.

Our technicians will examine your asphalt pavement to ensure there is no structural damage underneath the pavement that would make sealcoating pointless. Our specialists can predict the strength of the base by examining the cracks in the pavement and the condition of the borders next to the curb and gutter flowline. If the parking lot has “waves” perpendicular to traffic flow or “alligator cracks” that could permit water to seep under the pavement, sealcoating will help fill the cracks, but only temporarily if the condition is not corrected.

Should your parking lot be free of foundational issues, sealcoating is a great way to give extended life to your asphalt. Sealcoating would seal areas before the cracks or small holes can develop, sealing off the ability for water to get under the pavement. This will save you a lot of expense in the long-term, since the need for milling or replacing your asphalt can be put off for many years.

Managing Parking Lot Sealcoating

Parking lot sealcoating is a crucial element of a good asphalt pavement management plan. The seal coat consists of pitch from coal tar or an asphalt cement mixture with inert fillers, emulsifying agents, water and possible additives.

When the contractor applies it in thin coats, it seals the pavement cracks that could allow rainwater and other moisture to seep into the asphalt pavement. However, the sealcoating protects the asphalt pavement surface against ultraviolet rays, oil and gas leaks, ice melting salts and other chemicals.

Over time, without sealcoating, the asphalt pavement will oxidize, and its appearance will become gray or fade. A fresh sealcoating will return the vibrant finish to protect and prolong the pavement’s life expectancy and decrease the chance of premature replacement of your parking lot’s surface.

Campbell County Parking Lot Sealcoating Service

In Lynchburg, VA, U.S. Pave is your provider of choice for parking lot sealcoating. Our contractors are proud professionals that will ensure every precaution is taken before applying new sealcoating.

Before your asphalt sealant is applied, they will ensure structural repairs are completed. When structural failures occur and get corrected, you might need to wait one year to 18 months before applying new sealant.

The weather conditions should be clear, with no expected rainfall within 36 hours. Sealcoating is water-soluble until it dries. Therefore, even though it does not take long to apply, it does take 24 to 36 hours to fully dry and cure. However, once dirt and debris have been swept away and the asphalt cleaned by our sweeper trucks, we can start spreading a thin coat on the pavement to fill cracks and crevices that might allow rainwater to get under the pavement.

U.S. Pave & Client Post-Parking Lot Sealcoating Actions

Both U.S. Pave and the client have the responsibility to ensure the sealcoating has enough time undisturbed to dry and cure. We recommend that traffic remains off the pavement for a minimum of 36 hours, but 48 hours would be optimum.

U.S. Pave provides excellent service to our customers in Campbell County. Add beauty to your parking lot while extending its life by scheduling your sealcoating by contacting U.S. Pave in Lynchburg today.

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