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Asphalt Milling Resurfacing & Overlay Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Lynchburg Asphalt Milling, Resurfacing & Overlay

Parking lots and driveways can become unsightly and dangerous over time, especially with spot repairs. Potholes that have been filled and refilled multiple times, or even total surfaces that have been repaved, can cause bumps and waves in the driving and walking areas of your business. Rather than completely excavating your driveway or parking lot, there is another method that will make the surface both safe and beautiful with an economical benefit. The process is known as milling, resurfacing and overlay.

Asphalt milling uses a large grinder to take off one or two layers of asphalt pavement from your driveway or parking lot. Afterward, it is resurfaced with a process known as an overlay, or putting new asphalt on top of the old. This cost-effective process saves Lynchburg, VA, businesses and HOAs the expense of completely excavating and replacing an asphalt surface. Just the expense of backhoes, dumpsters and landfill fees alone can be exorbitant. By milling and resurfacing your pavement, you can save thousands or tens of thousands for large parking lots.

Asphalt Milling & Resurfacing

Is asphalt milling suitable for you? The answer is not in your driveway or parking lot surface but what is underneath it. Most asphalt problems occur within the top layer of the asphalt. When that happens, pothole repair and sealcoating will allow your asphalt driveway or parking lot to last a few more years. However, when significant damages happen year after year, it could be the foundation under the asphalt causing the problem.

When surface cracks permit rainwater to seep into the pavement and break down the underlying surface, you might see “waves” on the asphalt surface, especially where vehicles slow to exit the parking lot. Typically, these distortions appear perpendicular to the traffic flow direction. You might also see what is known as “alligator” cracks, a series of interconnecting cracks that might point to a crumbling foundation that, again, is caused by the water getting into the underlying supports. When this happens, milling and resurfacing is your best option.

Asphalt Milling Resurfacing & Overlay Benefits

Besides cost-efficiency, the benefits of milling and resurfacing are huge. The waves, ruts, cracks and bumps are eliminated when we take off the top layer or two and overlay a new fresh coat of asphalt. It will look like you have a new parking lot or driveway. Milling and resurfacing also enable us to provide the proper slope to the surface so that water can drain properly to prevent skidding and hydroplaning, so there will be fewer accidents. Another added benefit is that the lost curb height will be restored by removing the old built-up asphalt.

Resurfacing is a time-efficient and inexpensive method of restoring your driveway or parking lot to its former glory. Plus, it contributes to the environment by recycling the old pavement. Smoke and flames are minimal, and the recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) program reuses old asphalt for new projects.

Striping & Signage — The Finishing Touch

At U.S. Pave, we proudly put the finishing touches on your asphalt surface with striping and signage when requested and required. We have the traffic flow schemes for your parking lot that provide drivers direction and adds ADA-compliant stalls for people with disabilities for angled or straight parking slots.

When U.S. Pave finishes your driveway or parking lot for HOAs, businesses, government agencies or senior living centers, you have a like-new asphalt pavement ready for customers.

U. S. Pave Does Asphalt Milling Resurfacing & Overlay

U.S. Pave offers the people of Lynchburg, VA, in Campbell County the finest asphalt resurfacing and overlays. We proudly provide Virginia cities and counties asphalt resurfacing services. Contact us today.

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