Is Your Pavement Cracking Under the Heat?

Running a business in South Florida has its perks. The weather is great – usually – and the region enjoys the spoils of a rich and vibrant tourism industry. However, the climate in South Florida can also wreak havoc on your asphalt parking lot or pavements. Heat can cause cracks that will inevitably lead to water seepage.

The sub-surface layers of an asphalt lot can suffer damage resulting from erosion. If air gaps form between the sub-surface layer and the top layer, it makes the surface vulnerable to further damage when traffic passes through the lot. The conclusion is a top layer that begins to sag and eventually collapses and even crumbles. At this stage, you may have both cracks and potholes throughout the lot.

Impact of Rain on Asphalt

Let’s not forget that even sunny South Florida has a rainy season. This is when any cracks leave your parking lot or pavements at their most vulnerable to water seepage. Businesses that are at the bottom of an incline are taking even greater risks by leaving damaged lots untreated. There is the potential for water running down the steep elevation to gather on your lot and finally find its way into those cracks. If you are not okay with being left with a parking lot that is essentially bare rock and aggregate, continue to ignore maintenance needs at your peril.

That’s before you even consider the dirt, grime and chemicals that are washed into cracks after heavy rain. Many of these chemicals can break down the untreated underbelly of an asphalt top layer and essentially disintegrate your parking lot.

U.S. Pave has solutions to suit every business, from regular repair and maintenance, to treatment with sealcoating to give your lot a new lease on life. To learn more about our services and prices, call today and speak to one of our team.

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