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Do’s and Don’ts After a New Asphalt Paving Project Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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A new asphalt project is a big undertaking for any home or business. It’s something that requires both time and money, both of which are precious resources. This is why, if you complete a new asphalt project, you’ll want it to last as long as possible. The longer your asphalt remains in great shape after you complete the project, the better return on your investment. With that in mind, here’s some advice on things you should do after completing your project, and things you shouldn’t do, to help keep your new asphalt in the best shape possible.

Do Wait 24 Hours

Immediately after a new asphalt paving project, it’s important to wait at least 24 hours before you drive on it. There is a considerable amount of oil within the asphalt, which helps to create a long-lasting product. It takes some time for this material to harden, and not driving on the asphalt during this time can help to ensure your new project sets correctly. If the weather is particularly hot, you’ll want to wait longer than 24 hours before driving on it.

Don’t Add a Seal Coat Yet

A common practice is to add a seal coat to asphalt in order to protect it from corrosion and to help the project last longer. However, you don’t want to add this coat right after a new project. Instead, you’ll want to wait at least a year before you add the seal coat. This is because these products may contain additives that can actually cause cracking or other damage to your asphalt. Wait a year, apply a seal coat, and then redo the process every two to three years after that for the best protection.

Do Perform Regular Maintenance

As time goes on, you can help keep your asphalt paving in good condition with some basic maintenance. Some things you can do is wash off the asphalt and monitor it for any small signs of damage. In addition, if you notice any potholes forming, you’ll want to address these right away. By repairing a pothole as soon as it forms, you can keep it from growing larger and causing more damage to your asphalt.

Don’t Ignore Small Issues

Some time after you complete your asphalt project, you may notice small cracks here and there. It may be tempting to ignore these cracks, figuring that they are too small to worry about. But small cracks can grow larger, and you’ll want to address these as soon as you can. If you notice a small hairline crack or two in your pavement, this is not uncommon. But when there are multiple cracks throughout the pavement or when the cracks are larger than that, it’s a good idea to contact your paving contractor as soon as you can.

Do Clean Up Any Spills

There are several liquids that can cause damage to your asphalt, such as gas, diesel, oil, and other automotive fluids. Should any of these liquids spill onto your asphalt, it’s important that you clean them up right away. Otherwise, these fluids will try to mix with your asphalt, which will ruin the integrity of the project, especially when the asphalt is new. Keep a close eye on spills and for any fluids dripping from underneath vehicles. Should you spot any, immediately remove the fluid by rinsing it away with water.

Don’t Park in the Same Spot

A good habit to get into for new asphalt driveways is to park in a different spot each time. As your new asphalt is setting, you may create impressions or low spots if you park in a similar spot every time you enter the driveway. Try alternating which side of the driveway you park on or pulling your car forward different distances each time you park. Adjusting the position of your vehicle by even just a foot each time can significantly help the final product.

Do Adjust Some Driving Habits

Besides where you park, there are other small changes you can make to your driving habits to help extend the life of your asphalt project. One thing you can do is make sure that the vehicle’s wheels are in motion before the steering wheel turns. Another thing you can do is, after driving the vehicle on the highway, be sure that you park the vehicle in a straight line and come to a slow stop. This is because the heat from the tires can impact new asphalt, especially if you make abrupt changes while driving onto the asphalt.

Don’t Leave Heavy Loads for Too Long

If you’re parking anything heavy on the new asphalt, it’s important that you don’t leave it there too long. Most asphalt projects are designed to handle the weight of the average vehicle, but you may want to leave something on the asphalt like a boat or camper. These heavier items run the risk of leaving impressions within the asphalt if they are stationary for too long. Try rotating the heavier items every few days to redistribute the weight and extend the life of your asphalt.

Do Monitor Your Landscaping

The landscaping around your asphalt project can impact its longevity. One thing to look for is grass and weeds growing alongside the new pavement. You’ll want to remove these as soon as you can, as the roots from plants can damage the asphalt. Try applying a weedkiller every few days if weeds are a persistent problem for you. Also, if you’re not using sod alongside the asphalt, use a sifted topsoil and seed for better results.

Start a New Asphalt Paving Project Today

A new asphalt project is a great idea for many homes and businesses. If you’re interested in starting a new project, or you want some advice on how to best care for a project after it’s completed, U.S Pave is here to help. We’d love to talk with you about what sort of project you’re looking to complete or how to care for your asphalt to prolong its longevity. To get started, please contact us at any time.


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