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Asphalt Milling Resurfacing & Overlay Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Cleveland Asphalt Milling Contractors

If your parking lot shows minor to moderate signs of deterioration, asphalt milling, resurfacing and overlay can be an ideal solution. Asphalt milling removes and recycles the top surface layer to restore its condition. U.S. Pave is fully equipped for any size asphalt milling, resurfacing and overlay project. Our Cleveland asphalt milling contractors are highly experienced in removing damaged layers for resurfacing for a wide range of commercial customers. Experience safer pavement for years to come with our innovative and affordable solutions.

Benefits of Asphalt Milling, Resurfacing and Overlay

Asphalt milling, resurfacing and overlay can provide several benefits. It can remove surface irregularities for a smoother pavement surface. Asphalt milling also helps to restore drainage flow and curb appeal. This cost-effective process is ideal for any budget and can be done quickly to minimize any traffic interruptions. The recycled materials generated make asphalt milling environmentally friendly and sustainable.

What to Expect from U.S. Pave with Asphalt Milling Preparation

There are several steps to the asphalt milling, resurfacing and overlay process. The Cleveland Asphalt milling contractors from U.S. Pave use heavy equipment to remove all existing pavement from the job site. Clean tear-out material is recycled and reused to reduce the impact on the environment. The sub-base is sloped correctly and graded to ensure standing water fails to collect on the asphalt surface. Heavy rollers are then used to compact the sub-base to keep your asphalt durable.

Once this process is complete, our Cleveland asphalt milling contractors will clean the worksite thoroughly. Paving crews will then lay the surface. The new asphalt surface needs approximately three days to dry completely before customers and vehicles can reenter. U.S. Pave is happy to communicate with you through the entire process and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our specialists will ensure the paving project is completed on time and within budget to meet your complete satisfaction.

Asphalt Overlay on Concrete Considerations

Not all surfaces are ideal for the asphalt overlay. If there is extensive structural damage, the asphalt will need to be removed entirely and replaced. In certain circumstances, asphalt overlays may be applied over concrete surfaces. However, concrete does not compress and compact in the same manner as asphalt.

Expansion joints are necessary to prevent the asphalt surface from shifting as the concrete settles over time. Cuts on the surface of the concrete will help with the expansion and contraction from temperature changes throughout the year. Storm sewers and manhole covers may need risers to help compensate for the new height of the pavement. The average size of an asphalt overlay is approximately 1.5 inches in thickness. The more damage there is to the asphalt, the thicker the overlay.

Asphalt Milling, Resurfacing and Overlay Maintenance Plan

Asphalt milling, resurfacing and overlay is recommended at least once every 20 to 30 years for your parking lot. With the proper maintenance of your parking lot, you can increase its longevity and save money. A pavement maintenance plan helps you protect the surface layer of your parking lot, so less work is needed when it is time for a new overlay. U.S. Pave provides maintenance plans that can meet the specifications of your needs and budget.

Restore Your Pavement with Asphalt Milling, Resurfacing and Overlay

A professional analysis is recommended to determine if your paving project can benefit from asphalt milling, resurfacing and overlay. The asphalt milling, resurfacing and overlay process from U.S. Pave can make your Cleveland paving project cleaner, faster and more cost-effective. Contact U.S. Pave for an estimate on asphalt milling, resurfacing and overlay for your property today.

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