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4 Common Causes of Asphalt Damage Fort Lauderdale, Florida
car driving on asphalt road with potholes filled with rainwater

What is the condition of your asphalt? Is your parking lot plagued with unsightly cracks or dangerous potholes? As property owner, it is your job to make sure your asphalt surfaces are clean, safe and attractive. It’s also helpful to know what is causing your asphalt damage so that you can implement the most effective maintenance plan and extend the life of your paving investment.

Your asphalt may be failing due to a number of reasons. Here are the four most common causes of parking lot damage:

Poor Drainage
If your parking lot has poor drainage, it likely has areas of surface water that are threatening its condition. If water seeps through to the foundation of the asphalt, it weakens the base layer and greatly increase the chances for potholes, crumbling and cracking. Fixing structural damage can be costly. Therefore, it is important that you have a proper drainage system in place and that you keep up with your parking lot maintenance needs.
Heavy Trucks
Did you know that the weight of a garbage truck is equivalent to over 2,000 cars? Heavy vehicles are another common source of parking lot cracking. Do your best to minimize heavy traffic or install thicker asphalt along truck routes.
Excessive Sun Exposure
Another uncontrollable factor for asphalt deterioration is sun exposure. Sun exposure accelerates oxidation, which limits the asphalt’s ability to hold its structure together. While you can’t always protect an asphalt surface from the sunlight, you can apply proper sealcoating on a regular basis. This acts as a sunscreen for your parking lot.
Fuel & Oil Spills
If you allow fuel, oil or other corrosive substances to build up on your asphalt, it will quickly destroy the surface. You may find that depressions form in these areas, which can easily be avoided if you routinely inspect and clean spills in your parking lot.

At U.S. Pave, we have everything you need to keep your parking lot or other asphalt surface properly maintained. We provide a full range of asphalt repairs as well as routine sealcoating, striping and overlays for your commercial parking lot. Give us a call today and our contractors will assess the root cause of your asphalt damage so that we can provide the most sustainable solution.

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