At U.S. Pave, our capabilities in asphalt services are far-reaching. We can handle jobs ranging from grading and milling to patching and sealcoating, and everything in between. Our professionals are well-equipped in constructing new asphalt surfaces, yet we hold a strong reputation in Hollywood for our asphalt repair services. Whether you need parking lot maintenance to boost the aesthetic value of your business or pothole repair to provide safer neighborhood streets, U.S. Pave is your leading vendor for affordable asphalt repairs in Hollywood, FL. We can ensure your parking lots, walkways and streets are functional, safe and sustainable. In fact, U.S. Pave goes above and beyond to protect your asphalt investment, which means providing prompt service to your emergency asphalt repairs and using high quality materials and advanced technique to help your asphalt surfaces last longer.

Asphalt Maintenance and Sealcoating Contractor

One of the most important steps to preserving your asphalt surface is to schedule routine sealcoating. Asphalt sealer works by essentially locking in moisture to keep the asphalt from drying out and cracking. When the asphalt is not sealed, the oxidation of the sun will eventually cause the asphalt to become brittle and lose its flexibility. Unfortunately, this means that water, harsh chemicals and oil can penetrate your asphalt foundation and cause deterioration. At U.S. Pave, we have experienced sealcoating contractors who use a customized approach to your asphalt maintenance. Your parking lot or other asphalt surface will need proper sealcoating as well as crack-fills and pothole repair to preserve pavement integrity. We recommend that customers begin an asphalt maintenance plan sooner rather than later to increase the lifespan of their asphalt.

Not only can sealcoating and maintenance help your asphalt last longer, but it can also reduce liabilities and unbudgeted expenses for property owners. If you are responsible for a Hollywood asphalt surface that is not up to proper safety standards for pedestrians and drivers, we can help you at U.S. Pave. In fact, we can often respond in the same day you call for emergency repairs.

Contact U.S. Pave today to learn more about Hollywood’s most trusted asphalt contractors. We are committed to superior workmanship, tailored solutions and affordable rates.