There are many factors to consider when choosing a paving company for your project. These include recommendations from trusted people, insight from credible sources, third-party reviews and requested references.

Try not to base your decision on only one person’s opinion, but rather get a consensus of the company’s performance on a wide range of projects and in a variety of situations. When it comes time to choose an asphalt paving company, let the following factors help you make your decision.

Choose a paving contractor that will provide references.

A contractor is only as good as his work and his word, so your paving contractor should be able to provide references upon request. Many contractors respect and protect the privacy of their clients and opt not to publicly list prior projects, yet they should always be happy to provide complete references.

Choose a paving contractor that is experienced and established.

A contractor with experience will contribute to your good experience. A paving company that has been in the business for many years will know how to fix preexisting issues, as well as handle all project management tasks and address any unforeseen events. Ask about the contractor’s history and their areas of specialty so you can find a paving company to match your needs.

At U.S Pave, our experience allows us to manage projects of every size and scope, and handle everything from daily tasks to disruptive issues with ease.

Choose a paving contractor that uses high-quality materials and well-maintained equipment.

When a contractor leaves, his work remains, so you want that work to maintain its integrity and value. This is why you need to consider the quality of the paving materials and mixtures that the paving company uses. Make sure that the contractor you choose only uses machines that provide consistent paving to ensure that your asphalt looks better and lasts longer.

Realize that different companies use different products, but the difference with U.S. Pave is quality.

In addition to our proprietary sealer mix and proven process, we use high-pressure machinery to lay two complete coats of seal coating rather than doing one layer by hand. It may make for extra work, but result in the highest quality of work.

Choose a paving contractor with insurance.

Always ask to see a contractor’s insurance documentation because you only want to work with a paver that is in good standing in the industry and community. Be assured that U.S Pave is fully insured for your protection throughout every project.

Choose a paving contractor with insurance.

You deserve to know all about your contractor before trusting them with your paving project. A clear sign of a credible contractor is an informative and educational Website that provides proof of their expertise through pictures of previous projects. In addition to a Website, you have to be able to call the prospective contractor and reach them with relative ease. This will show how well the contractor responds to the needs of their clients.

You should also feel comfortable asking any questions and feel confident in the answers you hear. Finally, the contractor should assure you that they will be available to you and your project before, during and after completion

Choose a contractor with a well-trained staff.

A company is only as good as the skills of its people. At U.S. Pave, our contractors are trained to take on paving projects of any size and scope. Be sure to ask a contractor how their team was trained so you can gain an understanding about their skills and strengths.

At U.S. Pave, we believe it’s important to have some standards to ensure the highest standards of work. We always inform the entire crew about the details of the job to ensure that they are well aware of its qualities and complexities. We also insist that the crew is trained on proper site preparation, clean-up and overall work-zone safety.

Be assured that only qualified personnel are permitted to operate paving equipment. Most importantly, we demand professionalism at all times and believe that showing up on time and finishing a project on schedule should be just as important to contractors as it is to clients.