Over time, concrete and asphalt can creak and crack, becoming hazardous to both drivers and pedestrians alike. Believe it or not, having a smooth parking lot is extremely important for your business. The pavement of the lot is the first thing new customers will see, and is even the first you, as an employee or business owner, see going into work every day. Maintaining the pavement in front of your business is one of the best ways to present yourself to the world as the competent and competitive business that you want to be.

Reasons for Parking Lot Maintenance

The first big reason that having a repaired parking lot is so important is liability. What we mean by liability is that if an accident occurs in a parking lot because of a crack or crevice that has appeared in the concrete or asphalt of your parking lot, your business could be held responsible for any damage done to any persons or vehicles during an accident. Imperfections of the concrete or asphalt are one of the biggest causes of accidents in parking lots. Pedestrians could slip and stumble, and it could be hazardous and inconvenient to cars attempting to park as well.

ADA Inspection
There are many variables that go into a parking lot being able to pass inspection as well. First of all, all parking blocks need to be marked with highly visible paint and securely anchored to the pavement. All parking lot striping and crosswalks need to be easy to see and clearly visible. But the main thing is that there cannot be any potholes or cracked pavement throughout the parking lot. Imperfections. be able to pass a thorough inspection, your parking lot will need to be free of breaks in the surface and free of any potholes or imperfections.

Another reason that having your parking lot resurfaced could be a great idea is that it greatly improves the aesthetics and beauty of any parking lot or business complex. Having a smooth, tailored, neat concrete surface in the parking lot is a great way to set your business apart. Failure to properly maintain the concrete of a parking lot can set a business back, especially when it comes to employee recruiting and attracting new customers.

If you are in South Florida needing concrete or asphalt repair, the parking lot specialists at U.S. Pave are here to help. We pride ourselves on being able to complete any job within your timeline and budget. If you have any questions or would like an estimate call (888) 681-9355.