Many businesses in South Florida have to analyze the situation of their parking lots and driveways. The fact is – there are cracks, and there are holes. Potholes and an entire array of damage to the pavement are ailing parking lots all over South Florida. Some business owners aren’t sure what the next step is.

Parking lots should be repaired as soon as possible. Immediate attention given to the concrete pavement ensures that the parking lot stays safe for those that are using it.

Steps to Parking Lot Repair

Inspect the Parking Lot for Damage
It is important to routinely inspect a parking lot to be certain that there are no cracks, gaps, or potholes appearing in the asphalt. These imperfections in the pavement may start small but will end up having a great impact on the overall surface of the lot.

How Bad is the Crack?
The next thing to determine is the severity of the crack or pothole. In South Florida there can be many disturbances in the pavement, whether it is made of asphalt or concrete. The severity of the problem is important because the type of crack will determine how the lot will be repaired.

Patching for Uneven Asphalt
For asphalt surfaces that are uneven or irregular, patching is a remedy and solution that can be used to level out a parking lot. Asphalt patching is a simple process that involves placing new asphalt over older patches that are showing signs of deterioration. To patch asphalt, tack coat is applied to the existing surface for adhesion, and then the new material is applied and compacted.

Pothole Repair
To prevent potholes from being a safety hazard, the best way to fix them is to cut it away and replace it with new asphalt that is hot and can fill in the hole that was there.

Asphalt Overlay
In certain cases, when the base of the asphalt is not cracked and is in proper condition, it can have an additional layer of asphalt installed over the top of it. This is a good option for times when there is a budget, and removal and replacement of the old asphalt would be too costly. This option can work short term, but long term it is usually better to go with the replacement option.

Prevention is the Best Choice
The routine maintenance of parking lots and other paved areas keeps them looking their best, safe for visitors, and in compliance with ADA Accessibility Guidelines. Failure to tend to the upkeep of a lot can reap unwanted consequences on a business, and to neglect the repairs of a piece of concrete or asphalt is to neglect the safety needs of the people who would be using them.

U.S. Pave offers asphalt and concrete maintenance and repair in South Florida. Located in Fort Lauderdale, they service commercial parking lots in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties and can be reached at 888-681-9355.