If you need parking lot maintenance from an experienced contractor in Boca Raton, turn to U.S. Pave. We have built a solid reputation for providing top quality asphalt services with respect to time and budget. Our experts offer a full menu of maintenance options to keep your parking lot in top condition. Choose from restriping, pothole repairs, resurfacing, new asphalt construction and more. In order to give your parking lot the longevity you need, we promise to use the highest quality materials and leading maintenance techniques when servicing your commercial asphalt. After all, we treat your parking lot as a valued investment that can be maximized if properly cared for.

When it comes to your parking lot maintenance, we consider both aesthetics and safety. Potholes, cracks and faded markings are not only a poor reflection of your business, but they also pose a safety threat to pedestrians and drivers on your property. Timely sealcoating, patching and restriping can significantly reduce your liabilities. We realize that every customer has unique budget constraints. Therefore, we will tailor an affordable parking lot maintenance plan just for you.

Parking Lot Repairs and Sealcoating

Would you like to increase the life of your parking lot by up to 50%? Consider sealcoating from U.S. Pave. A proper sealcoating job can protect your parking lot from water seepage, petroleum spills, sun damage and other element outside of your control. To gain the maximal benefits from a sealcoating service, it should be performed every 2 to 3 years.

When it comes to repairs for your parking lot, our skilled contractors will carefully diagnose the underlying cause of your issues before recommending a repair service. We want to make sure our repairs provide long-term solutions for your parking lot flaws. Regardless of the type of repairs your asphalt needs, you can trust that we will minimize disruption to your business in the process. We will schedule our repairs and sealcoating at a time that works best for your organization, and we are happy to provide traffic control when needed.

Call U.S. Pave today for a free-estimate on your parking lot maintenance in Boca Raton. We routinely work with customers throughout all industries, including healthcare facilities, schools, parks, condos and retail centers. We look forward to being your trusted source for keeping your parking lot safe, functional and attractive. If you have an immediate parking lot concern, ask us about our same day asphalt repairs!