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10 Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Resurfacing Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Customers get their first impressions of your business when they drive into your parking lot. A well-kept parking lot with ample spaces can create a positive impression, which paves the way for a great customer experience. On the flip side, a parking lot that needs work can be a real customer turn-off. If the damage is bad enough, your parking lot may become unsafe for your customers and members of your team.

Over time, weather, traffic, and natural wear and tear can degrade your parking lot, but resurfacing is an affordable way to restore it to its former glory. This process involves applying a new layer of asphalt over the top of the original parking lot. These are the telltale signs that your parking lot needs resurfacing:

The Surface Looks Stained

Industrial solvents; leaking car fluids, such as oil and coolant; and other chemicals can permanently stain your parking lot’s surface. While regular sealcoating can prevent these liquids from damaging your parking lot’s sublayers, it won’t prevent unsightly staining. When these stains start detracting from your parking lot’s appearance, resurfacing is one of the best ways to make them disappear.

The Surface Looks Faded

Direct sunlight will fade your asphalt parking lot over time, turning its bold, black surface a little dull and gray. The sun’s ultraviolet rays will also fade the painted lines that direct traffic and designate spaces in your lot. When these lines fade, your parking lot can become confusing and potentially dangerous for customers and employees. Depending on the extent of the fading, it may even violate the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires the clear marking of spaces for people with disabilities.

Resurfacing can restore the original finish you love. With resurfacing and new parking lot line striping, no one would ever know your parking lot isn’t brand new.

There Are Cracks in the Surface

Cracks can develop in your parking lot’s surface over time. Whether you see hairline cracks or more substantial alligator cracks, resurfacing will fill them in and make your parking lot’s surface look like new. While filling in the cracks enhances your lot’s appearance, there’s also a practical reason to hire professionals. Filling in cracks early prevents water from seeping into the gaps and making them larger, which can make your parking lot unsafe.

If left untended, grass and weeds may grow through sizable cracks. The grass and weeds that grow from asphalt cracks are especially hardy, as they thrive without the soil and nurture that most plants require. As these plants are so resilient, they can spread quickly and create more cracks in your parking lot. Make sure you get rid of the grass and weeds before resurfacing your parking lot. Otherwise, you might find they come back through the newly resurfaced finish.

Tree Roots Have Impacted Your Parking Lot’s Surface

Grass and weeds aren’t the only plants that can impact your parking lot. Trees around a parking lot can make this space more inviting, but their roots may damage its surface. The roots of large, healthy trees may lift the asphalt or even break through and create new cracks. While resurfacing alone won’t solve the problem, it may be part of the solution. Consider whether you want to remove the tree, uproot and contain it, or move it to another location on your business premises. After tackling the tree, you can hire professionals to repair and resurface the parking lot.

There Are Potholes in the Surface

Potholes don’t just impact highways and suburban roads; they can also develop in parking lots. Uncovered parking lots exposed to the elements are especially vulnerable to these holes that may be as small as golf balls or large enough to cause substantial vehicle damage. Potholes create a weakness in the asphalt and will only get bigger if they’re left untreated. Filling potholes and resurfacing the parking lot creates a more even surface than simply filling the holes.

The Surface Is Raveling

Raveling is when asphalt breaks down, and stones detach from the parking lot’s surface. Raveling gives the parking lot a rough texture, which can be difficult to walk on, depending on the extent of the damage. While an asphalt sealant can fix minor raveling, resurfacing is the best option for more extensive traveling.

The Parking Lot Is Warped or Buckled

A quality parking lot has a flat surface. Over time, the pressure of large vehicles, extreme temperatures, and weakening of the base may warp or buckle your parking lot’s surface. If you catch warping or buckling early, you can resurface your lot rather than replace it. Resurfacing is a much more cost-effective option, so taking early action can really pay off.

The Parking Lot Has Drainage Issues

As a business, you can’t afford to ignore drainage issues in your parking lot. If someone slips due to your negligence, the legal costs and damage to your reputation could be substantial. Water can pool and cause cracks and potholes, which can be costly to repair. If rain creates puddles in your parking lot, rather than draining away, resurfacing may solve the problem. This process can level off an uneven substrate to help water run away.

The Edges Are Crumbling

If the edges of your parking lot are crumbling away, shoddy installation practices may be to blame. This problem often occurs when contractors spread the asphalt too thinly near your parking lot’s perimeter. Quality contractors, such as the team from U.S. Pave, can resurface your parking lot and add enough asphalt to prevent further deterioration.

Your Parking Lot Is Sinking

Parking lots can sink for several reasons, including poorly compacted soil, poor drainage, heavy rain, or drought conditions. It can become a major issue if you leave it unattended. However, a simple resurfacing can often fix the problem.

If you notice one or more signs that your parking lot may need resurfacing, contact our friendly team at U.S. Pave in the Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Tampa areas of Florida. We can assess your parking lot and tell you whether resurfacing is the best option for you. You can trust our experienced contractors to give your parking lot a professional resurfaced finish for a competitive price.


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