Concrete curb and gutter is generally installed at the perimeter of a road or parking lot. It defines the edges of the parking lot, holds the pavement in place and serves as a “termination” to keep the pavement from expanding and deteriorating. The part of the curb and gutter that you don´t see is approximately 8 inches thick, below grade, forming an extremely strong barrier.

The drainage patterns in most parking lots are engineered using the “gutter pans” of the curb and gutter as flow lines. Concrete can be placed much more precisely than asphalt can, giving even fairly flat lots the ability to drain. Curb and gutter is the first part of the parking lot to be installed and is done to a strict tolerance. The asphalt is usually placed so that it drains toward the curb and gutter, thus allowing the water to eventually flow to the catch basin or other exit point.

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