Asphalt Repair in South Florida

Asphalt patching is a solution for low, depressed or uneven pavement surfaces where the underlying foundation is structurally sound. We also recommend this solution for smaller areas where the asphalt is showing signs of deterioration.

Before beginning asphalt patch repair, U.S. Pave will perform any required maintenance to the concrete surfaces adjacent to your asphalt pavement. The repair area is then cleaned of debris. Next, we apply tack coat to the existing surface for proper adhesion with the new material.

New asphalt is then placed over the tack coat and compacted. Because the patch is placed on top of existing pavement, the finished surface may be slightly higher. The edges are blended in, as much as possible before the area is swept again to remove any excess material. U.S. Pave can address pavement repair requests within 24-hours.

U.S. Pave in Fort Lauderdale is standing by and ready to assist with your parking lot repair and maintenance needs in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. Call us to schedule an estimate today at (954) 210-7481 or contact us online.