We are South Florida’s most trusted provider of parking lot services, including all types of asphalt application and repairs. We understand the importance of addressing your parking lot concerns with prompt attention and long-lasting solutions. A parking lot with cracks, potholes, faded striping or other damage can be a poor reflection of your business, neighborhood or facility. Therefore, U.S. Pave is proud to offer cost-effective and proven repair services for your parking lot concerns.

We carry a depth of skill and understanding when it comes to the parking lot repair process, which commonly consists of repairing potholes by cutting them out and filling the affected areas with hot mix asphalt. We also provide curb repair, sidewalk repair, paver repair or replacement, fixing root damage, re-striping and new signage. U.S. Pave is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and can proudly address parking lot repair requests within 24-hours.

Don’t Let Cracks Get Worse

At U.S. Pave, we are confident that we can handle your parking lot crack repairs in South Florida. Crack sealing or repair is used as a defense against pavement deterioration. Proper crack sealing keeps water from entering and weakening the base or sub-base. It helps preserve the pavement adjacent to the cracks; prevents sand, stone, and dirt from making its way into open cracks causing compressive stresses; and extends pavement life by minimizing crack growth.

Regardless of what is causing your parking lot to crack, we work hard to find the underlying cause of your asphalt damage so that a long-term repair solution can be put in place. Whether we are repairing, installing or maintaining your commercial asphalt, you can trust that U.S. Pave is committed to maximizing your investment with the highest quality of service and care. Our repair contractors adhere to operating in a timely manner with minimal disruption to your residential or commercial property. If you have an urgent parking lot concern, we are happy to provide same day emergency repairs.

You don’t have to put up with those annoying and even dangerous cracks in your commercial parking lot anymore. Contact U.S. Pave in Fort Lauderdale today and we will be out to give you an estimate right away! For your convenience, you may also contact us online.

We provide top quality asphalt maintenance and repairs in the the following cities and the surrounding areas: