Are Discounts Paving Your Way to Retail Success in South Florida?

South Florida retailers have long been able to hold their own when it comes to offering customers discount shopping on quality goods. However, clever marketing will only take your business so far. Your premises also need to present a safe, secure and inviting environment for potential customers.

Parking lots and paving are two areas where South Florida retailers can gain an edge on the competition. When customers see a poorly maintained parking lot and discount signs in a store window, it doesn’t paint a great picture. Rather than showing customers that you are adding value to your services, this scene suggests a going out of business sale.

Planning Your Asphalt Repair Budget

There is a lot you can learn from a thorough asphalt inspection. A parking lot requires maintenance to help ensure that small repair needs don’t become a major resurfacing project. Effectively planning your budget for asphalt repairs could lead to considerable savings over the long term. A well-designed and maintained asphalt parking lot can last for as long as 20 years.